The Meticulous Mission Statement

Devleop confident and fundamental (dribble-pass-score-move without the ball-catch) basketball players that play with contact .

The Meticulous Core Principles


  1. Encourage/ Develop character 1st – ability 2nd
  2. Promote Understanding – Intensity – Commitment – Creativity – Faith
  3. Fanatical attention to detail and creativity
  4. Affordability

Whats in a workout?

  1. Transit Form Dribbling - warm-up drills to develop dribbling form and prepare the body for intense athletic actvity
  2. Finishing School - A series of scoring drills that focus on the footwork-hands-and eyes on a drive to the basket
  3. Dribble and Score Drills - High intensity scoring actions that forces athletes to perform outside thier comfort zone...with contact
  4. Application - Competition
  5. Post-Work/ Form Shooting - A series of in-close shooting drills to build form and confidence with shooting form
  6. Triple Threat Training - Learning how to create separation with 1-3 dribbles
  7. On the Bounce Attacks - Learning how to create separation with a live dribble
  8. Off the Ball Training - Learning how to read and set screens away from the ball
  9. Appliacation - Competition...60 mins
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