In the event you are a person who aspires to Become someone or do something extraordinary in the universe, Marv's message may be a catalyst for your success. The Message of “Become” and “Flight” transcends age, race, and social economic status. Marv’s leap of faith to retire from working a 9 to 5, and create Meticulous Basketball is evidence that thoughts really are physical things in the universe. For 10 plus years, Marv has made a living training athletes in basketball skill development. Through the game of basketball, Marv has been to share his faith and the recipe that he and many others have used to convert dreams into reality. Does this recipe eliminate heartache and failure….absolutely not? But it does provide the steps needed to create the life you’ve always wanted to live.


Please take some time to listen to some of the recordings below. If you would like to have Marv provide a workshop or seminar please click on the contact page to learn more.

A Message for Marv Fox Jr.

Become - The Process of Dreaming

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