Purpose is fascinating. It puts us in the position to exercise our highest talent, and participate in the activity we enjoy the most. Purpose is our most trusted success mechanism – a cheat code guaranteed to elevate our knowledge and instincts. It only makes sense that everyone pursues their purpose to experience life more abundantly...Right?


Most people avoid their purpose for a myriad of reasons. Some fear the work of mastery, some lack patience, and some are afraid of the responsibility of a Purpose Center Life. The excuses are endless but very real.


My purpose is to enhance the faith of others through inspiration speaking. My goal is to share my understanding of faith to help people find joy through purpose and fulfillment.


Please take some time to listen to some of the recordings below. If you would like to have Marv provide a workshop or seminar please click on the contact page to learn more.

A Message for Marv Fox Jr.

Become - The Process of Dreaming

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