Who is Marv Fox Jr.

Marv Fox Jr. played 4 years (2000-2004) for Concordia University - Ann Arbor while earning a degree in Psychology.  After graduating, Marv went on to work for Concordia in the admissions department.  In addition to working for the University, Coach Fox also joined the men's basketball coaching staff.  After his 2 year tenure at the University, Marv went on to become a performance coach for Velocity Sports Performance (VSP). While working for Concordia University and VSP, Marv exercised his entrepreneurial spirit and created Meticulous Basketball (MB). Meticulous Basketball is an initiative designed to develop the 5 pillars of basketball skills - Moving - Catching - Dribbling - Passing - Scoring.  After 3 years at VSP, Coach Fox took a step on faith and went into business full-time as a basketball skills instructor.  In 2010, Marv rejoined the Concordia men's coaching staff. 


Currently, Marv provides groups training, clinics, and camps as Meticulous Basketball and for other groups outside of Meticulous Basketball. 


 Main Objective:

"Develop confident and fundamental (dribble - pass - score - move without the ball - catch) basketball players that play with contact ".




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